About Catalyst Pacific Ltd

About Catalyst Pacific Ltd

What’s special about Catalyst Pacific?

Make your business life easier by reducing the uncertainty around how to engage with and get the best from the diverse talent, ability and cultures in your team. We’ll help you tap into and develop the often hidden potential and innate strength that cultural diversity offers you in the workplace.

Increase the productivity, build the team spirit, enhance staff engagement and develop the leadership potential in your organisation with Catalyst Pacific’s expert facilitation.

They do this by harnessing the synergy, talent, innovation and creativity that is already there by tapping into that ‘magic spark’ diversity of thought, perspective, experience and background in every organisation offers.

What makes Catalyst Pacific different?

Trish and Holona Lui are models of possibility of what ‘can be’ from a cross-cultural relationship. They specialise in drawing out the added dimensions that diversity brings as an innate strength to teams and organisations.

They use a respectful and nurturing process that creates connections and builds instant communities. They make it easier for you and all their clients to get on with building collaborations to produce and achieve great results. Learn more about Trish and Holona and how we work Link to Holona Lui on Linkedin

Why use a catalyst?

A catalyst is:
“A substance that, without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change, increases the rate of a reaction” or “a person or thing that precipitates a change.”
(The Concise Oxford Dictionary)

Catalyst Pacific will help you precipitate the positive change you want in your people, teams and organisation.