"Connecting Cultures: the New High Performance Edge"

A catalyst for positive change

Coaching and facilitation

  • Expert outcomes focussed facilitation
  • Appreciative Inquiry strengths-based approach
  • Action focussed strategic and business planning
  • More effective stakeholder engagement
  • Develop high performance teams

Cross-cultural Awareness training

  • In-house & Public programmes on Cross-cultural communication
  • Work effectively with Virtual teams
  • Leverage the diversity and multi-cultural talent in your teams
  • Inter-cultural mentoring training
  • Be more effective in cross-cultural environments

In-House workshops

  • In-house programmes customised for your needs
  • Facilitated special interest video-workshops
  • Cross-cultural awareness, Unconscious bias and different thinking

Designing a Pacific policy or strategy

  • Being effective in Mainstream
  • Engage and communicate effectively with Pacific communities
  • Learn how to develop your Pacific strategy
  • Build and strengthen new Pacific networks

About Catalyst Pacific Ltd

Catalyst Pacific ignites that 'magic spark' in people. We specialise in building cross-cultural effectiveness to support high performance in teams and organisations to give you that high performance edge. Harnessing diversity stimulates innovation and increases productivity.

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  • webinars and
  • workshops.


What we are reading

Dancing with Dragons: Chopsticks People Revealed for Global Business  by Moni Lai Storz

This is one of the few books on cross-cultural awareness written by an author in our...

Blind Spots – Why We Fail to Do What’s Right and What to Do about It

Blind Spots was an unexpected discovery I found at the library when I was researching...

Leading with Cultural Intelligence – The New Secret to Success  By David Livermore, PhD

There is no silver bullet for building and communicating effectively across-diverse...

When Teams Collide: Managing the International Team Successfully   by Richard D. Lewis

A must read for the international manager. ‘Communication is the beginning of...

‘Diversity Dashboard’   by Dr. Deborah Swallow and Eilidh Milnes

It was our great pleasure to meet with Dr Deborah Swallow while visiting our daughter in...

‘Fish Can’t See Water’   by Kai Hammerich and Richard D. Lewis

How national culture impacts organisational culture — and business success Using...

Riding the Waves of Culture   by Fons Trompenaars, Charles Hampden-Turner

Used as a reference amongst other texts and theories, it’s very useful for gaining...

Managing Across Cultures

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