Cultural diversity in the Kiwi workplace

Cultural diversity in the Kiwi workplace

Get the best from  Cultural Diversity in the workplace

Effectively leading and managing cultural diversity in the workplace is an essential 21st Century skill to get the best from people and organisations.

With more than one in four people were born overseas (NZ Census 2013), now in almost all kiwi workplaces the need for effective cross-cultural communication forms an integral part of doing business, no matter what our cultural backgrounds are. 

It is an absolutely vital skill that plays a key role in getting the best from our interactions in any business or organisation with an increasingly diverse range of colleagues, customers, business partners and other stakeholders. It is important that it is done well.

At times people may feel uncertain about how best to engage and interact with people from other cultures without causing offence. This is understandable and normal.

As specialists in this area, we will help you with that with our safe, positive and practical approach. 

Connecting cultures: the New High Performance Edge

Connecting cultures will give your organisation a new high performance edge.  

Everyone has a culture. Every workplace has a culture. It is deeply embedded and subconsciously influences how we communicate and interact with our workmates, colleagues, managers and customers.

Helping staff  from diverse cultural backgrounds to connect effectively increase staff engagement levels, reduces staff turnover, absenteeism, innovation and productivity.  Team members feel more valued, better appreciated and more highly motivated.  

Our approach will give people greater insight into some of the cultural influences that may be at play in the workplace. These include:

  • Understanding Your Own culture
  • Cultural values and dimensions
  • Conversational Styles
  • Practical tips and strategies
  • Specific work scenarios 

Learning to lead and manage cultural diversity in the workplace is an essential skill everyone in a leadership role can develop and add to their leadership skill-set.