Preparing for projects in the Pacific

Preparing for projects in the Pacific

When sending staff for projects in the Pacific, cross-cultural awareness training preparation essential

Sending staff into the Pacific? Then preparation for the challenges they may face is essential. Intercultural communication and cultural awareness preparation and training is essential when preparing staff for projects in the Pacific. 

Whether it’s for business, special projects or humanitarian aid projects, cross-cultural training will help ensure the best return on your organisation’s investment of time, money and resources.

Among the challenges your people may face is how to influence and develop sustainable change with the people and organisations you are working with. This is a vital part of Capacity Building and developing sustainable change

To boost your prospects for success, we offer you more than eight years experience preparing teams for working in the Pacific region including managing projects remotely ourselves.

If your organisation’s representatives are unaware of how they might begin to engage, interact and begin to build, however small, an initial working relationship with the local people they are working with, then despite the best of intentions, little may happen or change. This may lead to frustration, wasted investment and disappointment

We can help you reduce the risk and increase your prospects for success.