Expert facilitation services

Focus your energy and creativity on getting the outcomes you need.

The people with the most important contribution to make in major planning sessions are often landed with job of facilitating the process. Their energies are divided between contributing to the discussion and the demands of the facilitation process. At times, some of the conversations might be challenging and difficult, and they cannot fully contribute because of the need to facilitate the discussion.

An expert facilitator will help teams to understand their common objectives, build agreement and plan the path forward. This can be done through independent action-focussed processes, energy and positivity we make it easier for you to achieve your planning outcomes. Leaving the people who need to contribute free to contribute their wisdom, knowledge, ideas, insight and invaluable experience to the session.

Catalytic conversations

Get the ‘spark’ your team needs.

A fresh approach and a different perspective as a catalyst for strategic and business planning is something we offer to improve your team’s performance. We facilitate an engaging and respectful solutions-focussed process to stimulate and energise those important think-tank planning sessions.

This makes it easier for your team to articulate and contribute their views, insights and ideas in a supportive and positive environment. Using robust, research-based processes, we facilitate and encourage constructive debate, consensus and planning effective steps forward to accelerate achieving your business goals.

Positive, constructive facilitation

In the critical area of relationship and stakeholder management, important but sometimes challenging conversations are made easier through our skilled, positive and solutions-focussed facilitation. Sometimes unrealised and differing cultural expectations might also be at play. Our facilitation process helps you to better understand what may be sitting behind these expectations, to get the result you want.

Whether strategic planning, leading multi-stakeholder projects, or facilitating a team building session, you will benefit from Catalyst Pacific’s proven, appreciative and highly experienced professional touch.

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