Leadership and management development

Leadership and management development

Leaders and managers need to keep up with their professional development

Ongoing Leadership and management development is important for organisations wanting to maintain their competitive edge and foster their leadership talent.

All leaders and managers need to take the time to reflect and focus their thinking on moving their organisation forward. Often this is done while grappling with pressing issues of the day at the same time.

Succession planning, delegation, leading diverse teams, talent identification, development and management, keeping abreast of and ahead of operational issues are among the many challenges you might be facing.

Here’s a chance to refresh or learn new management and leadership skills to make your job easier.

Optimise your team’s leadership skills

Groom your promising leadership talent and senior teams for success with our specially tailored programmes will help accelerate the development of leadership and management potential of your organisation.

Improve organisational teams’ performance and success

To get your organisation performing the way you need it to, you first need to get your teams performing to their
potential the way you know they can. We can help you to positively influence the results and success of your organisation by growing and developing inspired, culturally aware and effective team leaders for the national and global stage.

Prepare for leading international teams

For managers in New Zealand and doing business abroad, reduce some of the uncertainty around leading culturally diverse teams. Increase your understanding, confidence and effectiveness as a leader in the global marketplace.

Proven international tools

Internationally proven leadership and management development tools are an integral part of our programmes. These include:

Interesting reading: Cross Cultural Differences and their Implications for Managing International Projects

Workshop: Cultural expectations in the boardroom

Learn through processes that draw on both experience, and provide practical skills and simple, useful and powerful resources.