TetraMap – Transforming Team Performance

Catalyst Pacific is accredited to use TetraMap.

TetraMap is an internationally proven learning model developed in New Zealand. It is designed to improve team cohesion and collaboration. In turn this helps to build productivity, improve customer service and boost sales. It is used by organisations in more than 20 countries for more than 18 years.

Using the four elements of nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire as a metaphor, TetraMap provides an easily understood framework that empowers individuals, teams, and organisations to improve communications and build positive, profitable working relationships.

TetraMap is relevant to people of all levels, functions, and abilities that fosters energy and vitality in individuals and teams. It builds engagement and enthusiasm quickly and easily. The simple, robust model based on nature primary elements, transforms team performance by helping people understand themselves and others better than before. And they are able to take their insights and learning well beyond the workplace for the years to come.