CultureActive – New Zealand Profile

CultureActive – New Zealand Profile

CultureActive – now has a New Zealand profile that you can use to improve cross-cultural communications within your teams.

Based on the Richard Lewis model of culture, CultureActive is an internationally recognised and practical online cross-cultural communications tool which Catalyst Pacific is proud to offer as CultureActive’s New Zealand partners.

CultureActive is an extremely useful diagnostic assessment tool for individuals and teams. It gives you practical tips and strategies which participants can access for 12 months after they have completed and been debriefed through their profile.

For anyone and any organisation working in New Zealand and/or abroad with people from other cultures. You will be able to compare your profile with people from more than 100 different countries.

The insights that Culture Active offers will help you build stronger relationships that will enhance your effectiveness working with and as part of cross-cultural teams and organisations.

To find out more about the Lewis Model and how using Culture Active could benefit you and your organisation watch this five minute introductory video  and then contact us:  mobile (+64) 0274-439345

or  mobile (+64) 021-385915.