StrengthsFinder – Tapping individual and team potential

StrengthsFinder, Tapping individual and team potential, Discovering natural talent

StrengthsFinder, tapping team potential will build a high performing team. A positive strengths-based approach is how we intuitively work with our clients.

A Strengths-based approach is one of our key underlying core values and a natural part of our positive approach to building high performance in individuals and teams. Building on peoples’ natural strengths and talents makes it easier to motivate people and produce ongoing and enduring change.

We use the StrengthFinder tool to complement and support the coaching and mentoring work we do with individuals and teams.

It is practical, positive, energising and empowering, and it is an ideal fit with Appreciative Inquiry as a professional development tool. StrengthsFinder identifies peoples’ natural talents and enables them to tap into and build on what is working in teams, individuals and organisations. A strengths-based approach fosters positive motivation for change and growth.