Team building for high performance

Team building for high performance

Is your organisation performing the way you want it to? Or the way it could?

Team building for high performance will help reduce staff turnover, break down barriers and get your team all working together to achieve your organisations business goals.

In most organisation’s today there are multi-dimensional teams – both from a performance and cultural aspect.

Your teams may have people with similar talents, similar skills, experience and qualifications or come from a variety of cultures, yet one team is outperforming the others. Why is that?

Catalyst Pacific has proven experience and expertise in building high performance teams by helping you to draw out the best in your people.

Using proven professional development tools that meet international best practice standards, we work with you to develop your business, leadership and corporate teams to be stronger, more cohesive, more productive and more successful.

Tailored specifically for your needs

We’ll design team development programmes, workshops or presentations to suit your needs using appropriate learning and development tools. These development areas can include:

  • exploring and recognising personal and professional strengths
  • understanding and appreciating different work styles
  • learning how to work effectively with different work styles
  • learning innovative and effective ways to develop teamwork
  • drawing out the strengths cultural diversity offers your team
  • developing strategies to build on peoples’ strengths
  • develop action plans for implementing those strategies.

We’ll design a one-off workshop or session or a programme over a period of time to suit your needs. It can be delivered in-house or at a location of your choice.

As your staff develop, the individuals, teams, business units in your organisation will all benefit.

Who is it for?

Catalyst Pacific works with a wider range of clients to develop their teams including

  • Large corporates
  • Senior Leadership groups
  • Management teams
  • Culturally diverse teams
  • Sports teams