VARK Learning Styles

Vark Learning Styles – Visual, Auditory, Reader, Kinesthetic

Catalyst Pacific are Licensed VARK Learning Styles facilitators.

Everyone has their preferred way of learning that works for them. Our clients benefit from our license to use this learning style analytical tool.

For some their preferred learning style is Visual, they need to see what is being spoken about. For other’s their preferred style is Auditory – they find that verbal explanations and/or accompanying music helps them to learn better. Some learners prefer to Read and are able to absorb knowledge through reading while others are experiential or Kinesthetic learners who learn best by doing.

Whatever people’s different preferred learning style VARK helps teachers, trainers and instructors to help identify learners’ different learning styles so that they can adapt their own teaching methods to suit the needs of their learners.

Equally VARK helps people to better understand their own learning style so that they can discuss with their teachers how to adapt their teaching methods to help them to learn more effectively. It helps inform the diversity of teaching strategies necessary for effective learning and development and programme design and delivery.