Mentoring with Cultural Intelligence: Keeping it REAL

Mentoring with Cultural Intelligence: Keeping it REAL

Mentoring with Cultural Intelligence offers a practical approach for businesses and organisations to accelerate the productivity of their people across cultures and borders.

Faster staff development, future proofing, knowledge transfer and succession planning is needed more than ever in this time of increased mobility.

“a resourceful and uncomplicated guidebook” Cherie Chu, Victoria University of Wellington

The 21st century world has become ‘flatter.’ We have greater globalisation with increased trade, travel, labour and population mobility across oceans, time zones, cultures and borders.

Mentoring with cultural intelligence is an essential 21st Century skill for all sectors of the economy from small businesses to multinational corporations. 

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Why this Guidebook 1
Acknowledgements 2
Introduction 6
What is mentoring? 12
Why is mentoring important? 15
Differences between mentoring and coaching 19
How to become a great mentor 21
Sharing your cultural capital 26
Cultural intelligence and mentoring 29
Adapting Communication Styles 31
What is Culture? 37
The Cultural Iceberg/ Atoll 38
What is Cultural Intelligence? 40
Keeping it REAL — Practical tips and strategies 52
Using the GROW model — Keeping REAL 60
Case Studies — Keeping it REAL 66
Mentoring Pathway Development Plan 73
Mentoring — a reflective self–assessment 74
References 78
About the author 80

“culture and mentoring come together in a superbly confident synergy”
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