TMI Team Management Index

TMI A powerful team building tool

Catalyst Pacific are accredited consultants for the TMI suite of tools.

TMI is a powerful team building tool which provides valuable insight into how teams can work effectively together. We use TMI quite simply because it works.

We are fascinated by how best to achieve consistent high performance in any team or organisation. Often we see teams with similar levels of experience and capability. yet one team always seems to outperform the other. Why is that?

TMI provides the key that helps you unlock the talent that leads to high performance and ongoing success.

The TMI Team Management Index is a powerful research-based development tool that gives valuable feedback in key management areas of leadership, team building, and interpersonal skills — including developing empathy in the team.

TMI enables you to look at the strengths, work-style preferences and any gaps in teams, identify areas of likely misunderstanding in a safe and non-threatening way, and ways to deliver outstanding results. It alsopart of the the TMS Suite of tools for organisational development.

Developed by Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann, TMI is a powerful team building tool helps people to better understand their own and their team mates approach to their work. Individuals gain useful insights about themselves and other team members that help their professional development on many levels.