Intercultural communication for Sports

Intercultural communication for Sports

Intercultural communication for athletes, coaches and managers

Sport, the desire to be the best, to compete at the highest level to the best of your ability is what drives many sports men and women to travel, train and compete or coach at as high a level that they can, with the best in the world.

Often this means travelling, working and living among other cultures which may be quite different your own. Whether you are an athlete, coach manger or administrator this is one of life’s exciting challenges. The experience is life-changing with all its insights, satisfaction, rewards, trials and tribulations. It is a time of personal and professional growth.

A winning multi-cultural experience

Wherever you go, it should be a winning multi-cultural experience.One of the key challenges everyone faces is learning to understand the host culture and how to ‘fit-in’ as quickly as you can to perform at your best and to get the best from your team-mates or the team you are coaching or managing. For some there will be great support to help them do this, while for others on the ground support may be minimal.

No matter what level athletes, coaches and managers will enjoy a better experience if they are adequately prepared with cross-cultural effectiveness skills before they go.

It’s a bit like turning up on match day with or without adequate practice. How well you have prepared will have an effect on how well you perform.

Specialist help is at hand with experienced inter-cultural training specialists who understand the world of professional sport.

Catalyst Pacific is part of an international network that specialises in supporting professional athletes to be the best that they can be wherever they are training and competing around the world.