Communicating with Pacific communities

Communicating with Pacific communities

Communicating with Pacific communities and want to really get your message through?   Start with a Pacific catalyst – talk to us

Increase your confidence and reduce the uncertainty of engaging with Pacific communities, and Pacific customers and clients. We have proven expertise and designing and implement Pacific communications strategies that work.

  • Insights into Pacific values
  • Engaging with Pacific communities

We will help you to engage with Pacific communities, Pacific people and develop initiatives that are responsive to the values and perspectives that influence and sometimes drive Pacific peoples’ behaviour.

You’ll benefit from our experience and networks in working with a wide range of Pacific groups throughout New Zealand.
We bring a Pacific perspective that will help you gain a better understanding of Pacific cultures and how to get your message across.

Your organisation will benefit from more than 10 years background experience drawn from a variety of communications campaigns and policy initiatives including in-house training, community consultation, the health sector, local and national elections, education and in-country training in the Pacific.

For proven experience engaging with Pacific communities and developing Pacific strategies