Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Essential leadership and team development tools in today’s world

Coaching and mentoring are essential leadership and team development tools in today’s work environment.  They are crucial to staff professional development.  Coaching and mentoring gives people recognition, keeps them engaged, motivated to perform, and ensures they are better prepared and have the right skills to achieve to higher levels. 

Our one-on-one coaching and mentoring for senior staff, helps and encourages you or members of your team to understand individual strengths, identify areas for personal and professional development and develop strategies for achieving them.

We work with organisations to help them develop inspired and motivated teams to improve:

  • Performance effectiveness
  • Productivity
  • Leadership capability and results


Our one-on-one coaching focuses identifying and developing technical and management skills that senior staff need in their leadership toolkit that will enable them to perform in their role and to achieve their business goal more effectively.


Our approach to mentoring facilitates an appreciative exploration to gain deeper insight and understanding, and to respond to or proactively address the inevitable challenges and issues senior staff face in leading their teams and organisations.

Specialist cross-cultural services

We offer a customised approach to mentoring people from different cultures. 

This enables organisations to leverage the power of diversity in their team. Our inter-cultural coaching and mentoring services include developing greater cross-cultural awareness and effective cross-cultural communication, and how to lead, manage, coach and mentor culturally diverse teams.


Executive briefing

  • Successful transition into Kiwi culture