Cross-cultural Awareness training

Cross-cultural Awareness training

Cross-cultural Awareness training connects cultures for a high performance culture

Increase cross-cultural awareness to leverage the talent in your team. Improve productivity, staff engagement and staff retention. Cross-cultural awareness training to get the best from the  diversity in your organisation.

Increasingly people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds are an integral part of organisations around the globe. In New Zealand, these include people from the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, the Pacific, North and South America, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The various cultural values, perspectives and differences they offer on issues, problem solving work and life outside work, are often interesting and enriching. However, occasionally there can be difficulties and the reason for this is not understood.

How connecting cultures benefits you

Connecting cultures: the NEW high performance edge, is something the cultural diversity in any team offers if well managed and lead. Intercultural communication skills and cultural competence are essential skills for the modern manager which can be be learnt and honed to get the best from your people.

Our practical and respectful approach helps you to:

  • Build effective cross-cultural relationships
  • Lead multi-cultural teams
  • Lead virtual teams in other countries
  • Reduce cross-cultural mis-communication
  • Understand unconscious bias
  • Increase confidence working with other cultures
  • Build practical intercultural skills

Whether it’s for overseas talent, business or sports teams, our approach also helps you and your organisation understand the differences and connections between cultures, so that your people can work more effectively, gain confidence in their cross-cultural communication and relationships.

Catalyst Pacific’s a range of cross-cultural programmes will help you build effective cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

What we offer you in building cross-cultural effectiveness

Directors Holona and Trish Lui bring a unique mix of our own cultural diversity along with expertise in organisational learning and development. And we are accredited Culture Active partners and Excell accredited trainers and facilitators.

Holona is a New Zealand-born Niuean and Trish a Pakeha New Zealander with Irish and Scottish ancestry. The richness and learning from our relationship allows us to understand how to tap into and get the best out of the cultural diversity your team.

Talk to us, we can help your staff to cross the unspoken cultural divide and to be more effective in representing your team and your organisation.