Managing cultural dynamics in teams

Managing cultural dynamics in teams

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Managing cultural dynamics in teams to get the best from your team is an essential part of building high performance in teams. In the ideal scenario, teams are united with a clear sense of purpose and direction. They understand the company’s operational and strategic direction. They understand their roles and everyone takes responsibility for their performance in achieving the company’s goal.

The team is in sync, team members speak up, offering insights, opinions and at times robust debate but with a clear unified aim of moving the team forward to fulfil its goals.


At times unconscious differences in cultural values around acceptable behaviour and communication styles in the team are misread, misinterpreted and get in the way of effective engagement and performance.

The avoidable result?…

At best an under-performing team; at worst a dysfunctional team or somewhere in between, with mixed messages, misunderstanding, confused strategic direction and worse still, lost productivity.

Managing cultural dynamics in teams is an essential leadership and management skill that everyone should learn for the benefit of the business.

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