‘Diversity Dashboard’ by Dr. Deborah Swallow and Eilidh Milnes

‘Diversity Dashboard’   by Dr. Deborah Swallow and Eilidh Milnes

It was our great pleasure to meet with Dr Deborah Swallow while visiting our daughter in London several years ago. Like her, the specialist area of our work is in the invigorating, fascinating exciting and potentially fraught world of Intercultural communications.

Meeting people of like-minds, is always energising. Dr Deborah Swallow is a kindred spirit. We are sure Eilidh Milnes will be too when we meet her on our next sojourn to the northern hemisphere.

Air-travel has made the world a far more accessible place. The Diversity Dashboard is a fantastic metaphor for providing useful instruments on how to navigate a ‘trouble-free’ course through the potential turbulence, hiccups and pitfalls of global travel and doing international business, and most important of all to land and depart safely.

No matter your cultural background, The Diversity Dashboard is a very practical resource written in colloquial, everyday language with lots of good, practical examples of what to do and what not to do when travelling and doing business aboard.

At the heart of any successful relation with it be for business, friendship or simply to coexist peacefully it’s the ability and willingness to form and build a genuine relationship. The Diversity Dashboard will help you with practical tips, strategies that go well beyond the normal “Do’s and Don’ts” of many similar books.

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